Antique Corn sheller


Antique Corn sheller
incl BTW 49.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Antique Corn sheller
Ertl No. 5060

The model is highly detailed of quality Diecast metal ,
Detachable chute , Movable Flywheel and pulley and
Movable idler, flywheel and pulley gears.

Indoors and out, the Antique Sheller
was one of the most valuable machines
on the farm. Built strong, the sheller
for feed, seed or market at low cost.
Powered by either a tractor or gasoline
engine, the sheller was one of many
farm implements that helped crreate the
popular Farm Power Houses of the 1920´s.

The small investment to put these machines
to work on your farm and be able to do year
around shelling more thant justified owning
one. With this sheller, there was less breakage
of cobs, cleaner corn and cleaner cobs. Farmers
were pleased with time and cost savings the
Antique Sheller gave them.